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What Makes Someone Leave A Website?


Attracting a potential customer is hard enough. Grabbing their interest and retaining them is even more difficult. It’s important to design your site so that user frustration is kept to a minimum, thereby maximizing customer retention. 

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Why Good Website Design is So Important?


A lot of thought and hard work goes into building a successful website. Today’s users demand fast load times, valuable content, professional aesthetics, and HTML5’s interactivity.

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50+ Keyboard Shortcuts to Use WordPress Like a Pro


Stuck with shortcuts with in WordPress? These 50+ keyboard shortcuts will get you using WordPress Like a Pro

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The Psychology of Color – Must See for Web Designers


One of the most fascinating and overlooked elements web designers tend to overlook is the influence of color on their website visitors. Read more about 'The Psychology of Color – Must See for Web Designers'...

Past, Present, and Future of Web Design


Web design has come a long way since the days of plain white pages and lists of blue links. Read more about 'Past, Present, and Future of Web Design'...

The 10 Commandments of Color Theory


Here come the 10 cardinal rules of color scheming to help you save time when choosing colors. These essentials serve as bedrock to the color-verse… Read more about 'The 10 Commandments of Color Theory'...

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